Built on a commitment to providing fast, flexible and innovative credit solutions to owners of unconventional assets, Art Finance Partners offers individually tailored products designed to meet the diverse needs of our rapidly growing client base. Loans can be structured as recourse or non-recourse and can be secured by a single asset or an entire collection of assets.

Term Loans and Acquisition Financing

  • Create liquidity from under-levered assets
  • Manage timing of capital gains; keep other wealth insulated from art assets
  • No requirement to sell underlying collateral
  • Increase buying power for acquisitions

Dealer Inventory and Consignment Financing

  • Fixed term and bridge loans secured by a dealer’s art inventory
  • Finance existing inventory or new acquisitions; increase buying power
  • Financing solutions can be utilized by dealers to encourage consignments
  • Bulk of collateral remains under dealer’s control

Bridge Loans and Auction Advances

  • Loans secured by art assets scheduled to be sold
  • Create liquidity in advance of a sale
  • Mechanism for an orderly liquidation of assets for estate planning purposes

Lines of Credit

  • Rapid access to capital with flexible terms
  • Keep financial assets fully deployed; pay down facility as other assets are sold
  • Add collateral to increase credit availability